Build Culture, Not To-Do Lists

How much is it costing your business to administer payroll, time and attendance, benefits, and HR?

  • Are you and your employees drowning in paperwork?
  • Do you wish you could just enter in information once?
  • Tired of cobbling together reports from multiple systems?
  • Wish reminding your team to complete compliance training was as easy as sending a mobile push notification?
  • Tired of tracking vacation via spreadsheets and approving via emails?
  • Wish you had more time to focus on building your winning culture and not stuck in costly manual processes of the paper age?

Harmonize HR, Amplify Performance

Seamlessly harmonize all your people management needs into one easy-to-use, mobile first platform with SymphonyHR. Unite Benefits, HR, and Payroll to orchestrate all your human capital management needs from one system.

With SymphonyHR, you will:

  • Streamline efficiency and reduce operating expenses with a fully integrated approach to HR+Benefits+Payroll within a single end-to-end system.
  • Reduce errors, improve reporting, and mitigate risk by leveraging the same central database across multiple applications.
  • Facilitate effective communication, promote employee engagement, and align employee culture with company values by employing push notifications, and live chat.
  • Continuously improve business performance through robust real-time metrics and dashboards. Drive change and manage progress through custom workflows.



Provide a frictionless experience that keeps your employees well, not waiting, including:

  • Make the most of your investment - enable easy access to employee benefits.
  • Foster a culture of Healthy, Engaged, Loyal Productive employees
  • Integrate directly with employee profiles and payroll to simplify administration and reduce errors.
  • Mobile-First Experience
  • Full System Integration
  • Direct Connection to Carriers
  • Agile Benefits™
  • Vacation Request Module Included

Core HR

All the essential HR tools your business needs to outperform. Our comprehensive Core HR allows you to manage the vital aspects of your HR through the entire employee life-cycle including:

  • Track and manage time and attendance, time-off requests, onboarding, communications and notifications from a single system.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your payroll and benefits.
  • Eliminate data silos and generate robust custom reports.
  • Build culture and equip employees for success.

HR Amplifier (Requires Core HR)

Evolve your business practices and supercharge your bottom line. HR Amplifier extends the functionality of HR Core and gives you:

  • Recruiting, training and performance management modules to further enhance and engage your employees.
  • Consult with our HR industry experts on your business specific HR requirements.
  • Policy, procedures, and best practice assistance and review.
  • Ongoing configuration and continuous system improvement.
  • Let us find and fix your manual administrative bottlenecks.
  • Proactive support...REALLY!


Necessary? Yes. Evil? It doesn’t have to be. Accurate and reliable payroll together with all of your HR needs means significant time savings and better reporting.

  • Eliminate paper, costly manual processes, and data errors.
  • Reduce risk and ensure compliance.
  • Automate government remittance, tax documents, and payment records.
  • Generate comprehensive audit trails.
  • One-Touch Payroll



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SymphonyHR is all about making your job easier. We unite HR, Benefits, and Payroll under one extendable, and fully customizable platform. Let us help you get back to focusing on what you do best!